Oct 23, 2012

random acts of kindness...

random act of kindness   pay it forward.  what does that mean to you?  to me, it means doing something that will make another person happy or just put a smile on their face.  i don't know why people don't do these things more often.  it's not like  you have to even spend any money to do this.  a simple gesture can be a rak or pif.  know what i mean?

it's not a secret that i love unity stamps.  and i seem to have gathered quite a collection of stamps so i'm going to offer up a grab bag of unity goodness. what i ask in return for a chance to win is simply to pay it forward.

this stems from this post by rhonna farrer, #rhonnadesigns who is simply quite amazing.  today is her birthday and she offered an awesome gift to celebrate (check it here!).  all she wanted in return, was to share the love.  so i did.  i went to starbucks to get me a cup of pumpkin spice deliciousness and my pay it forward/random act of kindness/share the love was to pay for the person who was behind me in the line.  it was awesome.  the thing i loved most about it???  the starbucks girl thought it was so cool she was giddy!  and she shared her enthusiasm with her coworkers and they all came to the window to thank me.  how neat is that?  so not only did one simple act make the recipient happy (hopefully!) it made the starbucks girls happy too!!

so back to the free unity grab bag of goodness. here are the rules. you have until november 3rd at 11:59pm to enter.  what you must do is comment on this post and tell me what rak/pay it forward kind of thing you did.  i will draw a random winner.  if there are more than 10 people who participate, i'll draw two winners. and if there's more than 20, another!  so pass this along to your friends.  after all, what do you have to lose??  make more people happy??

so #spreadthelove #rak #payitforward #sharethejoy do whatever it is you do!

6 peeps have to say:

Maureen Hayes said...

I love that you posted on this! I try to practice RAOK on a regular basis. It is a bit more complicated for me because with all my health problems I don't get out of the house as often as others and my money is severely limited.

I have found that so many people today are lonely. I think the internet and technology are wonderful things but they can be very isolating. I make an effort to connect with others when I am out, especially with elderly folks in doctors offices or at the pharmacy. You'd be amazed at how much a smile and a simple hello can brighten someone else's day when they don't have a lot of contact with others.

I have done the pay for someone else's coffee/meal/toll when I was able to financially, but right now I am focusing on making people feel loved, appreciated and recognized in ways that don't cost money. I hold the door for the next person and make eye contact and say hello. I put money in the meter of the people on either side of me and leave extra in my meter for the next person.

Mostly I am trying to be kind and patient (something I struggle with) even with people on the phone. I try to remember that everyone is struggling with something, and that most times the rudest and nastiest people among us need kindness the most.

Thanks for reminding us all to practice RAOK in whatever way we can. Each of us can make a difference in another's life every day, for better or worse, why not make it for the better?!

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Angie!!!
I'll try to do this!!!

Julie Odil said...

Hi Angie, I LOVE this idea! Thanks for doing this. I work in a nursing home so it's easy for me to pass on RAK many times a day. One I did yesterday: as part of my job, I took 9 residents to a local restaurant for lunch. One woman had no money and wouldn't have been able to go, so I paid for her meal for her. She was very happy to go along and be with her friends.

marilyn said...

LOVE your post and your RAK. My RAK? I am giving a stamp that I won, plus a similary Unity one to a friend who really likes them. Also, I think I will offer up RAK on my blog in the very near future... I have some duplicate stamps and unused stamps that need a home.

Dee in N.H. said...

Great idea Angie! I have sent stamps randomly and my favorite is to pay for the person behind me at Dunkin Donuts. One time my Mom called me in tears because some random person (she never knew who) paid for her and her friends lunch at Freindly's. The person was already gone when they went to pay the bill. It really does make someones day!

JPScraps said...

Great post! I can't say that what I do is a RAK. It's how I was raised. Opening doors, reaching the top shelf, picking up dropped items. I never even think about it...I just do it. I always appreciate it when these little things are done for me too :)