Sep 17, 2012


another page/entry in my september dare gratitude journal.  (see the cover here) anyone who is creative and makes anything (be it painting, stamping, sewing, drawing, whatever) makes something they don't love.  this is one of those things i don't love.  but i am glad i did it.  and i'm glad it's in my gratitude journal because i am so thankful for life.  i made this page after a really crappy couple of days at work.  and i wanted to include something in my gratitude journal about life and how you shouldn't take it for granted.  so even though i'm not 100% thrilled with how it turned out, i do appreciate it.  i also played with some new products.  funny story, the orange background paint is semi-gloss.  as i was drying it, i kept thinking it was taking forever because it still looked wet.  then i remembered it was semi-gloss!!

material: canvas
paint: gesso, acrylic
stamps:  unity
other: glimmer mist, india ink, mini-burst template

don't worry, i haven't stopped doing paper crafts.  despite having the past few posts be all mixed media projects!  more to come soon!!

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