Sep 3, 2012


september is here.  how excited am i about that??  well, many things.  i have a love hate relationship with fall.  i love the smells of fall, the crisp air, the cool nights and warm days.  i hate that the days are already getting cut short.  sepetmber is my birth month.  and there is a new creative dare from tracy weinzapfel.  all the info about the september creative dare is here. it's all about gratitude and being grateful, taking a few pieces of canvas and creating a gratitude journal with them. (tracy took care of the sewing, thankfully!)  so here's the cover of my gratitude journal.  can't wait to do the next page!!

material:  canvas
ink: black soot, white india ink
paint: gesso, acrylic
other: bubble wrap, drywall tape, charcoal pencil
tools:  silhouette 

2 peeps have to say:

Sharing My Thoughts said...

Way to go, Angie! I like the paint spatters!!

sandee said...

Lovely color choices, can't wait to see your progress on it! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)