Aug 20, 2012

i am me...

fasten your seatbelts, kids...this will be a long-ish post.

so the past two months, tracy has thrown a monthly challenge out.  last month, i finished just under the wire.  this month, i have ten days to spare!!  when this dare was first suggested, almost everyone booed the idea.  here are the details:
  1. Create a project featuring a photo/portrait of YOU!
  2. Journal or use words to describe who you are TODAY!
  3. Incorporate your own handwriting in your piece
now stop and think a minute...make something with a picture of yourself?? now you see why we all booed the idea. but as everyone has started doing their dare, they found it wasn't as horrible as they first thought!  and i found out the same thing once i got going!

i am me!
stamps:  unity, donna downey
ink: onyx black, acrylic ink
paint: gesso, acrylic
other: modeling paste, decoupage, plastic tape

i had no idea what i was going to do for this project.  and i couldn't find a great picture i wanted to use.  but i found one i do like so i printed it.  a couple of months ago, i was making a mess experimenting with modeling past on a canvas.  i wanted to play with texture.  well, i didn't love how it ended up, so i tossed it aside.  fast forward to yesterday...i was thinking about what i was going to do for this project again and  i happened to see this canvas laying in my stash.  i had a flash of brilliance an idea after seeing what lori did on her project  (check it out here)  and started getting to work.

i have also been stuck using the same color palate lately...but blue is my favorite color, so i wanted to use it here.  i ended up using a bunch of shades of blues.  once added the few stamped images and wrote my few words, i was trying to figure out what else it needed.

surely i couldn't leave all that space with nothing...but then i pondered, went and fixed lunch, came back to look at it and decided i was going to be done.  i didn't want to gob it up any more.  so i left it.

go check out the other peeps from the monday night get together and see what awesome things they did with the dare.  when was the last time you created completely out of your comfort zone? it's awesome.

2 peeps have to say:

Kristi said...

This is totally awesome Angie!!! I miss you guys and wish I was coming to Utah this fall...
I can see why everyone didn't like the challenge.. it would be definately that... A CHALLENGE! But you took that challenge and concored it. Awesome job!

Shauna Gunnell said...

Wow, I love this!