Aug 14, 2012


last week, during the monday night crafty session, tracy challenged us to draw a bird.  i love crafty birds.  i've drawn a few and i have more bird stamps than i care to admit.  so i was excited to draw another one.  i started this background in my journal page last week, and loved the colors.  i've realized that i keep going to the same color palate.  blues and greens being the majority!  i wasn't planning on this being the page for my bird, but when i was looking at the page, it had the perfect spot for my little tweeter.  and i love how it fits together!!

stamps:  christy tomlinson
paper:  art journal
ink: onyx black, island indigo, india ink
paint: gesso, acrylic
other: mini circle explosion template, paint can lid, plastic cup

the funny thing about this page is it started orange.  the cool think about mixed media is how the layers work and how you can start with something and in the end it looks completely different. 

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Roudi said...

Just perfect! I love everything about it. ♥
Checkout mine, too! Lovely blog. I'm your newest follower by the way.
Kisses from Egypt. xx

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