May 14, 2012

white flowers...

i know i've mentioned once or twice how much i am loving this whole mixed media thing.  and i wouldn't have ever realized this unless my friend, cindi, wouldn't have convinced me that i needed to watch a ustream thing on monday night with tracy weinzapfel.  a few weeks ago, tracy made a vase of flowers in her journal.  i loved the idea so much, that i wanted to make one to give to my mom on mother's day.  so i held my breath and went straight to a canvas instead of doing one in my art journal first.  here's the finished project.

white flowers 
supplies:  acrylic paint, gesso, charcoal pencil
embellishments:  flowers
tools:  silohuette

2 peeps have to say:

Cindi said...

love it!! i bet your cutr mom does too

misssrobin said...

It's awesome. Happy Mother's Day to your wonderful mom. And to you, too. I am in awe of all the lives you touch and how much nurturing you do. I think you rock!