Jan 18, 2010

anywhere but here...

i'm sure i'm not the only one that can relate to this atc. i hate ironing. that's why i don't think i own anything that requires being ironed. kerry does, on the other hand. but he doesn't mind doing it...or he would rather do it himself than listen to me whine about doing it!! anyhoo...this is for merry's riley atc swap. the sentiment is from my favorite things, twisted too set. i love it!! i debated between the 'anywhere but here' or 'talk dirty to me'. both were applicable!

anywhere but here
stamps: riley, my favorite things
cardstock: cranberry crisp, morning marigold-su; recollections pp
ink: onyx black, cranberry crisp
embellishments: prismacolor & sharpie markers
tools: corner chomper

3 peeps have to say:

Chelsea said...

cute ... love the colors and the rounded corners at the top

Jan Scholl said...

I would never own anything that had to be ironed or dry cleaned. When sofa boy was working, he ironed his own dress shirts. Because there was no way in H e double hockey sticks I would do it, after having to iron my grampa's boxer shorts for forever. I would however iron my hair if I wanted it any straighter assuming I knew what an iron looked like these days.

Lesa said...

You are the official ATC Queen. Cute. I am right with you on no ironing. No way - no how.