Nov 14, 2007

moms are great...

i spent the entire day with my mom yesterday. it was great. despite me being a little grumpy, we had a good time. the reason, other than to just hang out, was to finish her magnet board. i've been a terrible daughter. i gave her a magnet board for christmas LAST year and didn't get a chance to get it done. so it's been sitting in her basement, naked, for the past 11 months. i figured it was WAY past time to get it done, so we planned a whole day to work on it. i'll have to get a picture from her to post. i think it turned out very cute.

the other project i worked on was a circle journal. i had such a hard time with it because i don't really have many holiday collections. but here is how it turned out. sorry the picture isn't the best...we couldn't get my mom's scanner to work.

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Lesa said...

I have always loved those Xmas shows like pictured on your journal. I still watch them! I can't read what you wrote. :(