Mar 2, 2015

be yourself...

gee, that title sounds deep.  it isn't really.  just a stamp on this page so i thought i would make it the name!  this is week 4 of inspiration wednesday (orignal was on 2.18.15) but i'm a slow poke.  i've been way under the weather and it took a while to get these pages done and posted.  but better late than never!  at least it's before the next class, right?!?

like all the past weeks, i was watching the class and wondering what on earth i was going to do for this one.  then i just pretty much started going and didn't stress about it. i didn't have any stencils with words, so i made my own with the silhouette.  easy peasy.

be yourself
supplies:  gesso, acrylic paint, archival ink, masking tape, charcoal pencil,
light molding paste, dictionary page, tags
stamps:  unity-susan weckesser and donna downey

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