Jan 14, 2014

a challenge...

one little word.  the past few years, the kick has been picking one word at the beginning of the year and having it be your theme for the year.  i'm just not feeling the word this year.   i haven't done much in the way of crafting or especially mixed media lately.  no real reason...the holidays, work, life?  and i've realized how much i've missed it.  my friend andy has had a rough go of things the past few months and she hasn't been much up for creating either. and also wasn't feeling a word.  so she issued me a challenge.  to get both of us back in to the creating realm. and i'm so happy she did.  we both simply started a background.  and i think it both did us a world of good. got my fingers all covered with paint again and i'm not going to let it go too long again.  i simply grabbed some paint, bubble wrap and got to it. i don't know what i'll do with it, but it's a cool background.  i'm still not feeling a word, but i'm okay with that.  maybe it will hit me in july!

when i was done, i had some paint left over on some paper.  i thought it may look cool all smooshed together as a background.  here's how it turned out.

so thank, andy, for the little push i needed to get back to creating!!

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misssrobin said...

Isn't it funny how something so satisfying and good for us can still be so hard to do sometimes? I'm glad your friend gave you the kick in the pants you needed. Friends are great that way.

Best wishes as you search for your word. I hope it doesn't hurt when it smacks you upside the head. (That's how mine hit me.)