Jun 8, 2013

beautiful girl...

i can't believe it.  it's june 8 and i am way ahead of the june creative dare deadline.  usually i'm finishing the night before!  i skipped may entirely.  so i'm pretty happy to be done with june.  if you aren't familiar with the creative dare, here's a little info.  tracy weinzapfel does a live show each monday, mixed media monday.  if you haven't joined on a monday night, you should.  it's a riot.  and she makes awesome projects.  each month, she puts out a creative dare.  it gets you thinking way outside the box (and your comfort zone sometimes!).  it's very good for me. here is a link to the creative dare for june.  we had to incorporate powerful truths, or things that you just sort of need to remember all the time.

i chose one of the daily truth emails from brave girls club.  i used the email as the background, then selected a few thoughts that i need to remember. i even went straight to canvas with this so i can hang it up in my room and see it all the time.

beautiful girl
stamps: donna downey
ink: jet black, island indigo
other:  acrylic paint,  gesso, india ink, decopage
font:  fzm old typewriter

here is a link to the original post from the brave girls daily truth email. the background says:

Dear Beautiful Girl,

You have plenty of time to figure it out. Don't put so much pressure on yourself. Remember that most of us are alive for nearly 100 years, and in those 100 years we will have lots and lots of opportunities to get things right. It is never too late, and you can start over again every single day, for the rest of your life if that's what it takes.In the years of our life, we can count on the fact that we will continuously fall on our faces, make mistakes and take the wrong paths sometimes. We just will . . . all of us. It's part of the deal.

You are absolutely spectacular, no matter what your mistakes have been, no matter how many times you have had to start over, and no matter how many lessons it takes for you to learn valuable things. You are just an awesome student of life. You are the fun one! You are the one the teacher makes the lessons for in the first place!

So sweet friend, cut yourself some slack. Do better tomorrow. Count the victories you HAVE had. Look how far you have come, and especially, look deep into that pure and beautiful heart of yours and see that THAT is who you are. You are not your mistakes or your wrong turns or the weaknesses that you are STILL working on overcoming. That is your human part. You are the BIG BEAUTIFUL spirit part, the one who keeps trying, every day.

So keep it up. Kiss yourself in the mirror and tell your cute self that you are doing just fine.

So much love. . .

2 peeps have to say:

Tracy said...

Oh my giddy aunt..truly heartfelt and stunning..loooooooove this!!!!
Tracy xxxx

Tameko said...

Absolutely stunning. Nice to incorporate the email. I will have to check out the June dare.