Aug 29, 2011

it's done!!

warning:  lot's of photos!!!
so for those of you that have been following along at home, you know that i've been doing a little remodleing the past few weeks.  thanks to my awesome husband and parents, i got a new craft room as a  graduation present and early 40th birthday present.  it's been a huge undertaking.  going through all the stuff i haven't seen in years and cleaning/purging.  it was great to get it all sorted out and organized.  then i got to design my craft room.  i spent a lot of time looking online and going through ideas of what i thought i wanted.  and spent a lot of time (a lot!) at ikea!!  so after about 4 weeks, it's finally complete!!

the workspace

i may never leave...

one of my most favorite things!!

have to stay up on my trash tv

love the light i get in this room

dvd tower+a few nails+laying on it's side=new ink pad storage

not quite complete, but so much better than before

finally a place for all my cardstock

new stamp storage solution

big shot/cinch/room for a friend station

closet doors had to come off

i love.  it's so not going to stay this tidy for long!!

drawer full of gluey/tapey goodness

a handy place to put my trimmers

a room with a view

8 peeps have to say:

Cindi said...

it's AWESOME!!!! I LOVE love the ink pad storage!!!! brilliant i tell ya! you deserve it for sure!

Jennifer E. said...

So worth all the time and effort you put into organizing this room!It looks great and I wish I could sit with you at your friend station! Have fun stamping!

Thanh Vo said...

WHOAH! Looks amazing, my friend! So worth that time.. and I see lots of room to further expand!

Chelsea said...

Love it ... Can you come and organize mine now??!

Chris said...

How freekin awesome is that!! Love it!! I also love the friend station. Who knows some day maybe I can have the honor of sitting there. :)

Jocelyn Olson said...

Holy cow! That room is amazing!!! Seriously jealous :)

misssrobin said...

It really is wonderful. I love the amount of light you have. I hope it's a truly happy place for you.

Angie, go to your happy place!

zippychicken said...

Awesome! Exactly the kind of thing I want to do to my sewing room. Did you nail the tower to the wall or is it just resting on the shelves? Also, what shelves did you use (the ones with the pink and green compartments)??