Aug 31, 2007

i am tickled pink...

do you ever wonder where your blog link might end up? and do you ever wonder how people decided to put a blog link on their blog? well i was shocked and stunned when i was blog surfing kim's blog from my favorite things (check out the cute stamps here) and low and behold, i am on kim's list of blogs she stalks! i can't believe it!! who would want to visit little old me??? i am so excited i can hardly stand it!! what an honor!!! have you seen the rest of the list? i don't deserve to be there!!!

omg!! i've got to come out of the clouds now!! thanks kim!!!

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Pattyjo said...

Isn't that nice when someone you respect and look up to, notice you. I remember calling my Grandma and my Grandfather answered, (I was a little scared of him and hardly ever spoke to him). I remember him holding the phone and telling my Grandma...Its Patty, for you. I was only 8 yrs. old at the time, but I remember holding the phone away from my ear and telling my mother.."Momma...He knows my name!!!". Everyone held my Grandfather with great respect. I just couldn't believe he knew who I was, there were 5 of us kids. LOL